Homes by Harline, LLC

Property Management & Residental Leasing

SLIC President Chris Morris and Harline Andrus, SLIC member & owner of Homes by Harline attended party for Assemblyman Angelo Santa Barbara at The Nest on September 14, 2021

Homes by Harline is focused on providing high-quality property management services and landlord satisfaction. 

I will do everything I can to meet your expectations. Since my first involvement with property management in 1997, I have had a passion for this work and am proud to work with many local property owners either as a Property Manager or Leasing Agent.

Homes by Harline will accept only as many properties as 

I can manage as though they were my own. I will rent your apartment/house with the same care and discernment as I would my own. I want to be proud to introduce you to your new tenant. I am more interested in getting the right tenant for you than in quickly filling up your vacancies.

If you choose to be involved in the rental process, I will go over all the applications with you until we agree on a suitable prospect. I will always be only a phone call away and landlords will always get a prompt call back from me. I oversee the maintenance people who work for me and they will be equally responsive to your needs. I have years of experience and a collection of vendor contacts to maintain your property.

Please call me if you are interested in having personal, attentive service in the leasing or management of your property!